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11 Ways to Style a Pencil Skirt like Rachel Zane from SUITS

A royal wedding means a new lifestyle and wardrobe for Meghan Markle! Before she got engaged to Prince Harry, Meghan played the headstrong and sassy Rachel Zane on Suits. Rachel nailed the delicate balance of making office wear look classy and sexy with her iconic form-fitting pencil skirts. As we say goodbye to her character, Rachel Zane, let's revisit the royal-to-be and Suits star's signature pencil skirt look. Keep scrolling for 11 tips on how to style a pencil skirt like Rachel Zane from Suits!

Tip #1: Pair a highwaisted pencil skirt with a button up shirt

For Rachel's signature look since Season 1, pair your highwaisted black pencil skirt with a crisp blue or white button up shirt. Rachel rolls up the sleeves of her button up for a more casual feel. The white accents of the collar and sleeves add some fun to otherwise plain office wear!

Tip #2: Dress up a minimalist skirt with a ruffled top

In Season 3, Rachel experimented with a flirty light pink ruffled blouse that she paired with a matching block colored pencil skirt. Rachel taught us how to make matching separates look bold and bright!

Tip #3: Make pencil skirts more casual with a knit sweater 

Another great matching set from Season 3 is this grey ensemble. Rachel mixes style and comfort with this knit grey top and grey pencil skirt. Her red nails add a pop of colour to her look!

Tip #4: Reverse the look

Pair bright pencil skirts with neutral accessories. Rachel’s crisp white button up is paired with a pastel blue patterned skirt, a welcome change from her usual choice of grey or black. Her chocolate brown designer bag and matching brown pumps tie the whole look together.

Tip #5: Add a little flair with mermaid tail pencil skirts

This is a great example of how to make grey skirts more exciting with a structured silhouette. The fluted hem pencil skirt makes this everyday outfit both pretty and polished!

Tip #7: Colour co-ordinate your pencil skirt with your accessories

This look has three different shades of nude beige and yet it all works together! For this outfit, match your highwaisted skirt with patent pointed stilettos and a large tan handbag! Break away from those matching accessories with a neutral: white!

Tip #8: Try super highwaisted pencil skirts to show off your figure

In Season 6, Rachel asserts her power in a tailored blue collared shirt and a super highwaisted dark grey skirt. Wavy hair and a fierce expression complete the look.

Tip #9: Contrast light pencil skirts with dark patterned blouses

Black lace sleeves and structured shoulders make this off-white pencil skirt more exciting. Rachel furthers the contrast with dark smokey eye makeup and a nude lip color.

Tip #10: Opt for wide waistbands to emphasize your curves

In Season 7, Rachel went back to basics with a tastefully unbuttoned blue top and a camel colored highwaisted pencil skirt. The wide waistband whittles her waist while the tapered cut elongates her body, making her tall and confident.

Tip #11: Add a splash of colour to your skirt collection

Rachel matched her emerald block coloured pencil skirt with a white mesh top and camisole. Don’t forget your hands-on-the-hips power pose!

That's all on pencil skirts for today!

Be sure to tune in to the Royal Wedding special on May 19th to catch two of Meghan's movies and a Suits Season 7 part 2 marathon only on the Diva Channel!

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