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IMPOSTERS EP 3: “We Wanted Every Lie”

This is what we know about Imposters so far…

1. Maddie is an alluring con artist who makes men and women fall in love with her so that she can steal their money.
2. She works with a team: Max, Sally and ‘Doctor’.
3. She has successfully conned 3 people so far and she’s on to her next victim.
4. Two of her victims, Richard and Erza, are on the hunt for Maddie.

We watched the latest episode of Imposters on Wednesday and there’s only one thing that we’ve to say:
Love is a beautiful thing but it can also be dangerous... If you didn’t catch this episode, here’s what you’ve missed!

Patrick invited Saffron to his family barbeque gathering and to nobody’s surprise,
everyone loved her… Except for his aunt, who does not trust her.

Speaking of trust, Max, Sally and ‘Doctor’ are questioning her ability to stay on schedule
with the new victim: Gary Heller. Turns out they suspect that Maddie is falling in love with Patrick.

Meanwhile, victims Richard and Erza added a new member to the team in the hunt for Maddie: Her ex-wife Jules.

And together they found out a crucial clue to Maddie’s whereabouts… (Hint: Bark! Bark!)

Oh and did we mention that Uma Thurman guest stars as Lenny Cohen in this series?
We aren’t going to tell you what she will be up to, but we’re sure you can make a guess
judging from what she’s holding. (No, she’s not about to cook up a meal and she’s not looking for Bill!)

Is Maddie really falling in love with Patrick? If so, will she be in danger?

Watch the repeat on Saturday at 11:05PM | 10:05PM JKT-THAI, and
look out for the new episode on Wednesday at 10:25PM | 9:25PM JKT-THAI, only on DIVA!

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