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IMPOSTERS EP 5: “Is a shark good or bad?”

We couldn’t stop screaming “WHAT?!” when we watched episode 5. Find out what you missed!

Previously on Imposters,
1. Maddie found Gary Heller lying dead in a pool of blood.
2. Sally killed Gary Heller, stole $30,000 cash and tries to escape! 

In this episode…

Lenny Cohen arrives with a plan to clean up Sally’s mess.

Max found Sally when she was trying to escape. Would Max betray Sally and turn her in to Lenny Cohen and the Doctor? 

Meanwhile, Saffron tries to make it up to Patrick. Lying down on the sofa, getting their favourite pizza and... getting intimate. Maddie is in love with Patrick!

Now that Gary Heller is dead, the Doctor needs a new mark. His name is PATRICK CAMPBELL! 
(This is so devastating!)

French: “Tu n'as pas faim” - You aren't hungry? Erza spoke French to Maddie “WHAT?!”

OH MY GOODNESS! Things just got REAL! We literally got out of our seats when Ezra, Richard and Jules appeared in front of Maddie. 

How will Maddie react to 3 of her exes? We can’t wait to find out too!

Watch the repeat on Saturday at 11:05PM | 10:05PM JKT-THAI, and look out for the new episode on Wednesday at 10:25PM | 9:25PM JKT-THAI, only on DIVA!

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