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IMPOSTERS EP 9: “Ladies and Gentlemen, the Doctor is in.”

On the previous episode of Imposters…

  1. The trio joined the club to become professional con artists.
  2. Maddie had a plan. She exposed herself to Agent Simon with a win-win strategy: She tells him where the doctor is and she gets immunity to start her life all over.
  3. Agent Simon knows Ezra is not Maddie’s brother and he is threatening Ezra to track down Maddie.

6 EXCITING INSIGHTS of this episode!

  1. Jules slept with Gina, an undercover agent.
  2. FBI welcomes Ezra Bloom to the team. His love for Maddie got him to bug her phone for the FBI, little did they know that this was actually all part of plan…
  3. Agent Simon did have real feelings for Maddie! 
  4. Richard spills his love life to Max, and Maddie comes to a startling realization: Is Max playing everyone?! 
  5. Ezra Bloom now works as a double agent.
  6. The wedding is coming and the Doctor isn’t who you think…

The big question remains: How will Maddie’s plan turn out?
Watch the repeat on Saturday at 11:05PM | 10:05PM JKT-THAI, and look out for the new episode on Wednesday at 10:25PM | 9:25PM JKT-THAI, only on DIVA!

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