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Interview with Merlin’s Angel Coulby

The highly anticipated fifth season of Merlin has arrived on DIVA Universal. The latest season picks up three years later when Camelot is at the height of its golden age and Arthur has never felt stronger. But even in moments of prosperity, dark forces are gathering to destroy Camelot forever. 

Angel Coulby, who plays Arthur’s Queen, Gwen, took some time out to talk about her relationship with the dashing King.

Q: Describe where Guinevere is at the start of the fifth season. 

Angel Coulby: Having married Arthur, she's now Queen and is taking the role very, very seriously. She's become the Queen I always thought she would be. She is innocent, strong, humble but noble. She possesses great kindness and love, but at the same time she's not afraid to stand up and say what she thinks. She has to make decisions which are quite harsh, but they are all done in the name of defending the ones she loves. 

Q: How would you characterise her relationship with Arthur now? 

Angel Coulby: Arthur has changed and become much more responsible. He now takes much more notice of his heart – he's not ashamed of his emotions anymore. Guinevere has deep respect for him. They work together very well and make a really good team. He confides in her and respects her opinion. 

Q: How does Guinevere get on with Merlin? 

Angel Coulby: They're still very good friends. He knows that she is Queen and he must respect that, but they’re still good mates. She would never want to get in the way of Merlin's relationship with Arthur. She appreciates that they have a "bromance" and she enjoys their bantering. She doesn't want to put a stop to that. 

Q: Is Guinevere in danger this season? 

Angel Coulby: It's the ever-present threat of Morgana. People in Camelot always fear her because she is a grave danger to Arthur. Guinevere is less worried for her own safety and more concerned for Arthur and the kingdom. It's painful having to live with that constant threat. You have to be always on your guard, aware that at any moment Morgana could just turn up and cause immense problems. Be afraid of Morgana, be very afraid! 

Q: Do you get a kick out of Merlin's legions of fans all over the world? 

Angel Coulby: Absolutely. The fans have been with us from the very beginning. When we first went to the chateau in France, we were met by four German girls sitting on a wall – I don't know how they knew we were coming! Now it's really exciting because hundreds of fans turn up to watch the filming. It can be a little overwhelming sometimes. But it's a real compliment because they're so excited to see us, so you always have to smile.   

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