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THE ARRANGEMENT EP 10: “The New Narrative”

SEASON FINALE of The Arrangement!

Let’s check out with happened on The Arrangement!

  1. Kyle and Megan are engaged. 
  2. Shaun, Megan’s BFF, is working for IHM as an in-house council.
  3. Megan was kidnapped and sent to IHM for her treatment.

Here’s the exciting highlight for THE SEASON FINALE!

  1. DeAnn set things up so Terence can kidnap Megan. She wants everything to go smoothly as planned. 
  2. Megan woke up and had no choice but to start her treatment at the Institute. 
  3. Megan attempts to escape from the Institute but Kyle actually wants her to go for the treatment. (Megan was crying for help but Kyle just let Terence put her to sleep.) 
  4. Terence said that Megan will be able to find truth and find herself at the end of the treatment.
  5. Terence gave her a liquid where it allows them to track her brain activity as she gets flashbacks of her horrifying past with Colton and Evan.
  6. Megan found the truth. She killed her step brother, Evan when he attempted to take advantage of her again in Hong Kong. It was not self-defense. It was pay back.
  7. Megan completed her treatment and she is now part of the Institute. She finally feels free…
  8. When everything is going down for Megan and Colton, Shaun did not tell Terence what happened because Megan told her not to even though she knew it was the right thing to do. 
  9. Shaun made a commitment to IHM because she works there but their friendship worth more than anything than just a job. Megan trusts her because she is always there for her and tells her the truth.
  10. Now, Megan has a truth to tell…

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