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ONE more episode left for The Arrangement!

Let’s check out what happened on The Arrangement!

  1. Terence told Kyle that “he made him and he will end him in a heartbeat if he wants”.
  2. Megan felt that the “Technical Highway” is so KyGan.
  3. Megan can no longer trust her BFFs anymore.

Here’s the exciting highlight for this week’s episode:

  1. Terence introduced IHM’s first new development called the First Life Initiatives.
  2. Shaun was offered a position as the in-house council for the IHM. (Big cheques!) 
  3. Megan learns about the marketing campaign for the new movie (The PR Plan), which made her feel like someone else is planning their lives.
  4. Just when Megan thought that Kyle was trying to make an apology for not informing Megan about the PR plan, HE PROPOSED TO MEGAN! 
  5. Amelia’s marketing plan was busted because of the proposal.
  6. A guy who creeped beside Megan during her dinner with Kyle claims that he knows Megan and blackmails her for $5 millon dollars.
  7. Kyle West’s fiancé killed her step brother! (Megan’s a murderer or was it self-defense?)
  8. She confessed to Kyle after realizing that she cannot trust Hope, Leslie, Shaun, or anyone else except for Kyle.
  9. As Megan decides to leave the ring behind and disappear, DeAnn appeared and told her that everything is fine. But they abducted her and sent her to an IHM facility. It’s a place for individual transformation… (This is creepy~)

When in Hollywood, is it true that everything is a little fake? Seems like it is…
Watch the repeat on Saturday at 10:05PM | 9:05PM JKT-THAI, and look out for the new episode on Monday at 8PM | 7PM JKT-THAI, only on DIVA! 

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