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Yoga Caturdays | Coming Soon

Yoga Caturdays | Coming Soon

Whether you’re a morning person or the complete opposite, we know mornings CAN BE HARD. In DIVA’s new web series Yoga Caturdays, climbing athlete, yogi and astrophysicalist, Tiffany Soi shares her favourite yoga movements and postures that will make Saturday morning yoga sessions worth waking up for. Along with these furry friends, join us on our limitless journey with Yoga Caturdays!​​​​​​​


About You Are Limitless

It’s true what they say that the biggest obstacle is your own self. Being limitless is not easy, but it is possible. DIVA strongly believes that all women have what it takes to break boundaries and reach great heights (be it in your high heels and dress or sneakers and jeans!). You are limitless, as soon as you start believing. Journey together with us to inspire and be inspired, and to become limitless together.



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