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Secrets of Eden

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Stephen Drew is a popular small-town minister in Haverhill, Vermont who could never have imagined that two of his most-beloved parishioners, the Haywards, would die in a shocking murder-suicide, causing everyone in the town to re-think the “perfect couple” they thought they knew. As the secret and dark lives of Annie and George Hayward come to light, the local authorities conclude that the crime may actually be a double-murder (not the murder-suicide they originally suspected). Suspicion will shift from one townsperson to another, some who knew of the secret abuse Annie was suffering at the hands of her cruel husband. But when evidence of an affair between the dead wife and the handsome Revered Drew surfaces, the likable minister emerges as the prime suspect in the murder of George and Alice Hayward. Based on the New York Times Bestselling novel Secrets of Eden by Chris Bohjalian.

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