Season 3

  • Episode 2. The Funeral

    Another change of personnel looks set to have repercussions for Jake and Amy's budding relationship, while Terry helps out Holt in his new job.

  • Episode 5. Halloween III

    The third instalment of Captain Holt and Jake's Halloween heist culminates in a tie-breaking competition for the title of 'amazing detective/genius'.

  • Episode 7. The Mattress

    Jake and Amy's relationship gets in the way when they tackle a case involving a new street drug. Charles damages one of Holt's prized possessions.

  • Episode 8. Ava

    A crisis occurs when Jake is left to entertain Sharon, Amy and Charles are inundated with paperwork, and Holt has to confront a former boyfriend.

  • Episode 9. The Swedes

    Jake and Rosa must team up with some Swedish cops to tackle an international case, and Holt nominates Charles as his partner in a squash tournament.