Season 1

  • Episode 1. Episode 1

    Revival of the classic TV hidden-camera show, featuring pranks involving a car without an engine, and online examinations offered to dental patients.

  • Episode 2. Episode 2

    More concealed-camera pranks, involving a nervous tattoo artist, phony meals served up to restaurant diners, and golf balls that refuse to stay put.

  • Episode 3. Episode 3

    Volunteers get 'intoxicated' on water vapour, while more pranks are played on drivers and diners in another edition of the hidden-camera reality show.

  • Episode 4. Episode 4

    Shoppers in a store and employees of a supermarket find themselves subjected to pranks, and a famous face puts in an appearance at a dry-cleaners.

  • Episode 5. Episode 5

    Freestyle rappers are prompted with nonsense words, and a Chicago apartment seems like a great deal - for anyone who doesn't require a bathroom.

  • Episode 6. Episode 6

    In this episode of the prank show, surprises are sprung on call centre workers during a video chat, and a cinema scans patrons for illegal snack food.

  • Episode 7. Episode 7

    New Yorkers are told the law requires them to use eight trash cans for recycling, and a grocery store demands three forms of ID for purchases.

  • Episode 8. Episode 8

    Among this episode's pranks are a de-tanning machine for the removal of suntans and a shop that requires its customers to pay in-store purchase fees.

  • Episode 9. Episode 9

    Pranks aplenty as restaurant workers wear protective masks, a candy machine delivers carrots, and a beauty salon caters to humans and canines alike.

  • Episode 10. Episode 10

    This episode's pranks involve a waitress who insists on tasting customers’ food, and video makers having to work with the world’s laziest cat.