Season 2

  • Episode 1. Vegas

    A Tucson pastry chef, a Toronto PhD and a donut savant from St Louis compete in a brisk elimination round, with jelly beans the mystery ingredient.

  • Episode 2. Zombies

    A Connecticut diner employee, an executive chef from Toronto and a vintage vixen from Minneapolis compete, with tomato juice the mystery ingredient.

  • Episode 3. Chinatown

    A film noir nerd from Michigan, an Ontario diner chef and a local food evangelist from New York compete, with BBQ ribs the mystery ingredient.

  • Episode 4. New York City

    An amateur comic from Denver, a corporate defector from Dallas and an ex-fashion designer from Minneapolis test their prowess, using pizza toppings.

  • Episode 5. 1950s

    A donut maker from Florida, a New Orleans café owner and an executive chef from San Diego compete, with strawberry gelatin the surprise ingredient.

  • Episode 6. Outer Space

    A donut-obsessed entrepreneur from Washington, the owner of a 50-year-old donut institution from New York and a pastry chef from Vancouver compete.

  • Episode 7. Underwater

    A former flight attendant from Los Angeles competes with a wunderkind from San Luis Obispo and a foodie from Ontario, employing strawberry milk syrup.

  • Episode 8. Hollywood

    A Montreal pastry chef, a US Army officer from Atlanta and a pastry scion from Oakland fight it out, with cheese puffs the mystery ingredient.

  • Episode 9. Royalty

    An executive pastry chef from Atlanta competes against a punk princess from Albuquerque and an experimental restaurant owner from Ontario.

  • Episode 10. Shipwrecked

    An artisanal foodie from Toronto, a donut-maker’s mum from Charleston, South Carolina and the owner of a cop-themed shop from Clare, Michigan compete.