Advance And Retreat

After she reconnects with an old flame at a corporate retreat, an ambitious executive realizes that taking a step back may help her make a leap forward.

Secret Millionaire

An industrialist's heir conceals his identity after falling for a woman protesting against his father's company. Their relationship is threatened when the charade begins to give way.

Married By Christmas

Get married by Christmas or you’ll lose your job! Due to an old clause in a will, Carrie must find a spouse in order to keep her executive position at her family business. Will she be able to find her perfect match in time?

Inspired to Kill

After losing the love of her life in a terrible accident, Kara moves across the country to attend a writing program in Los Angeles. She finds room and board with Charlie Fratelli, a kooky, cheerful woman who loves to drink wine and flirt with younger men. There, Kara meets Jason, a shy law student, who immediately takes to Kara though his meek nature prevents him from making a move. Instead, an older, dreamier man named Paul Reese sweeps Kara off her feet. Paul is an established crime novelist and Kara is immediately taken with his smooth confidence. Soon, it seems as though everyone who has wronged Kara ends up paying the ultimate price and she begins to wonder what she really knows about Paul. Kara enlists Jasons help to find out the truth--but soon the two come to a haunting conclusion.

Game of Love

Love is given a chance of rebound for this divorcing couple, Frankie and Jake! As the two fight over the ownership of the cherished Seattle basketball team, romantic sparks may just start reigniting!